The welfare of the RVCS staff and their families are paramount as we continue to serve our clients and their policy holders during these trying times.  Basic common sense will be the rule of the day.

The Bureau of Insurance for the Commonwealth of Virginia received confirmation from the Governor’s administration that insurance companies, agents, and other entities engaged in the business of insurance are considered “essential businesses” under the Governor’s Executive Order 53.  However, all such entities must comply with social distancing and 10 people rule and RVCS remains in compliance in our homestate and all states we service. For more information regarding the Bureau of Insurance for the Commonwealth of Virginia, please visit

If the insured, or any member of the household, has indicated they have or think they might have the Coronavirus, please note the following applies:

If the loss is restricted to the exterior of the risk, the IA will conduct an inspection as usual but will not meet with the insured or any other member of the household that resides therein. The RVCS Independent Adjuster will meet with an insured’s representative that has not entered the risk during or prior to the insured’s exposure or quarantine. We will, as a usual course of business, discuss everything with the client and keep them informed of the status of their claim via telephone or email.

Should the loss include damages to the interior, we will work with the Insured to gather the information required to determine the severity and extent of the damages. At all times our clients will be fully informed of our findings and we will work together to serve the policy holder.  RVCS staff have been instructed to observe “Social Distancing” at all times.

Should any of RVCS staff be exposed to the Corona Virus they will self-quarantine and will not be allowed to perform their duties until they are cleared by their doctor.

We believe that ‘most’ claims, that involve the interior of the risk, could understandably be delayed in their handling until the quarantine has been lifted. Our rational for this comment is regardless of how quickly the loss is handled and no matter what the adjusting method there will be few, if any, contractors that will be willing or be prepared to conduct restoration in a quarantined residence. Additionally, one of the most severe complications of the virus is “Respiratory Distress.” Subsequently, any dust created by the restoration process would only serve to make this condition worse.

In the event of a catastrophic loss, the insured and the household would have to leave the premises and the risk cleaned by a Hazmat company before a contractor or RVCS staff could enter. In any case common sense must prevail whatever the situation.

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