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When an engineer is needed to put science behind determining, classifying, and assessing the damage caused by hail, HAAG Engineering’s labs come to life. This video shows us how they go about determining this. We learn more about the process they take to gain that information. 

-Source, HAAG Engineering


Every year now for 10 years Allianz, a global corporate insurance carrier, has polled it’s customer base about their perceptions of the most important global business risks they face in the upcoming year. The respondents were asked back in October and November of last year. They gathered a record 2,769 respondents in 92 different countries to compile the following top threats for 2021:

     1. Business Interruption (including supply chain)

     2. Pandemic Outbreak

     3. Cyber Incidents

     4. Market Volatility and Other Developments

     5. Changes to Legislation

     6. Natural Catastrophies

     7. Fire, Explosion

     8. Macroeconomics (such as commodity price increases)

     9. Climate Change/ Volatility of Weather

     10. Political Risks and Violence

For the full report, click on the linked image to the left.

 – Source, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, January 2021


This time of year shows us how the stack of dominoes fall. Winter weather hits, power outages drop the temps of the home, alternative heating measures are put in place and unanticipated tragedy strikes in the form of a house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Sadly, too many families in the Southern MidWestern states found this out last week.

This tragedy can be avoided if we follow a few tips from the National Fire Protection Association. As with most rules of thumb, be prepared.

 -Source, NFPA, February 2021, winter storm stats, claims

Source: © 2020 Munich Re, Geo Risks Research, NatCatSERVICE. As of June 2020., winter storms, charts, claims

Source: © 2020 Munich Re, Geo Risks Research, NatCatSERVICE. As of June 2020.


Our Friends at the National Underwriting Resource Center have provided us with information on a state-by-state basis on what parts of condominiums need to be insured by unity owners or the association. Please bookmark this page for easy reference